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  1. lindstifa said: Oh man. Sorry to hear that.
  2. sistacrumpet said: Glad to see you back. I love your photos.
  3. yowhatsthehaps said: I kind of love all your photos, FY izzle. Also, glad to hear you’re getting better!
  4. laineydiemond said:
  5. sniffyjenkins said: Your photos make me so happy but now I’m murderously jealous of your new camera but I’m glad you’re OK and oh I’m so confused. Read *my* book. K, bye.
  6. michiru-mochi said: Glad to hear you’re okay! ❤
  7. unstoppable said: BTW, before I forget again: yelp.com/biz/mas…
  8. lifeserial said: everydaydude is everydaygreatdude.
  9. ky-lk said: I’m really looking forward to your upcoming posts and hoping you have a quick and full recovery (too much physical therapy is a bummer). Keep up the dope work.
  10. angelablack said: Thanks for not dying!